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27 December 2008 @ 08:58 pm
Yay minna I'm baaa~ck! ^________^ I wasn't died XD But I use this LJ only for posting gifs or icons.. Because my friends don't have a LJ, so I don't write about my life here u___ù
In any case, now I'm back with new icons of Hasshi <3

Kochira~Collapse )
That's all ^^ Now it's Christmas time and I'm on holiday :D So, I hope to make new icons very soon :D
Please tell me if you take them ♥
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05 September 2008 @ 12:18 pm
Posting other gifs~ ^^ I can do only thaaat xD
HereCollapse )

I'm so damn looking forward for the next Shokura xD I miss TOP3 ne *_* and also Ishigaki kun ;D Ja ne~

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24 August 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Nyaaa gomen! >.< I haven't writed here for a while ne~ Well, in these days I've received back my dear pc <3 But to repair it they've got to reset anything =___= All my beloved beloved scaaaaans ;O; All missed -.- But for luck my friend had them on her pc so she gave me my dear scans ^^ Today I've downloaded SC with subs :D Usually I don't need them 'cause I don't care talk parts xD and I understand something U__U But I really wanted to know what Hasshi said in Heisei post ^^;; Bah.. If I'd write to Hasshi I wouldn't ask him what can I give as a present for my friend x°D
Olympic games are ended ç__ç *sob* But I'm very happy since China, South Korea and Japan won more gold medals than Italy! Oh yeah *0* Asia powaaaa XD
Uhmm.. today I'm going to post all my icons.. so if you like them yuo can grab them :D
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12 August 2008 @ 10:26 am
Today I don't want to write in english >__< I'm tireeeed x___X Can I write in Spanish at least? XD it's so boring for me to write in English.. I don't like it XD When I'm talkin' with Asian people they're so damn good with English! And I don't know how they can do that ;__; My italian friends say that I'm very good at English and they often ask to me any translations.. But when I'm with Asians I feel so bad at that x°D Oh well, I think I'm going to write in English again =.=

Usually I download it from Jpopsuki, but they haven't uploaded it yet -__-' Then I searched on the Shokura community but nothing XD Only some rips.. And I'm looking for the whole episode ;__; Last night I tried to join Clubbox too.. But it didn't let me do the joining -.- What have I to do? xD I guess it's a very good episode ç___ç I've seen Hasshi doing "Chiki chiki ah~" <3 That was so cuuuute xD Then I watched "Bouken Raider" performance.. I really liked Dai chan *___* But the best part was when TOP3 came in XD Ahaha! The public was so excited! And I was so glad about that.. Hasshi's getting is revenge to Heisei ;P
The next Shokura will have as guests Takaki and B.A.D (If they can be called "Shonen club guests" xD) Hoping that Takaki can dance close to Hasshi ç___ç Only for a few times.. I want to see them together TT___TT
Oh.. you know? Yesterday with my nakamatachi we wrote a letter to Nozawa-kun *.* Because some times ago he said he'd go to Italy to eat pasta XD So we wrote him that if he's going to come we'll bring him to eat pasta pasta and pasta XD He said also "Pasuta jenobese" and I live in Genoa! xD here you eat the best "Pasuta jenobese" ù__ù I'm so happy xD Nozawa-kun knows my damn country! XD That's my unique pride for being Italian D:
Now I'm going~ See ya
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06 August 2008 @ 06:50 pm
Hi minna! Today I'm going to post all the gifs I've made this afternoon xD I really love make gifs <3 *__* Most of them was taken by the last Shokura x3
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
  Oh well, the last always makes me like that =ççççç= But it's too short >__<

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Iroppoi nekooo XD (I did one with Sanada too.. But the gif stops before it ends ç___ç sorry T.T)

Kazu&Yone and Shon
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
That's all ^^ If you have particular requests please tell me! I'd make all the gifs you want XD See ya ;)
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05 August 2008 @ 03:25 pm
Minna.. TASUKETEEEEE! XD I can't do anythiiiing TT___TT I'm such a stupid girl >__< See, I'd like to put an header in my lj *__* Dakedo, I don't know how can I do that xD I've tried to change "CUSTOM CSS", but the only layout I found was.. well, I didn't like it XD So, please please.. Is there someone who can help me? *0* Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOnegai shimasu ç__ç
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04 August 2008 @ 10:48 pm
Last Shokura was so cool! *__* Well, most of the Juniors were absent but in this way Hasshi, Non-chan and Yu-chan had more space xD Koyama was so excited x°D Because of Shige of course xP Shige is so kakkoi with blonde hair *.* I like it! Opening song was "Venus" performed by Koyama, Shige, Hasshitachi well, TOP3 xD, Shon, and M.A.D! Kosakaaaa <3 *___* Hasshi already in the opening seems very happy ^0^ And when I see an happy Hasshi I couldn't want anything more than that xD It makes my day *.*
Theme was "VACATION" *____* the most funny part was after "Sayaendo" when Yu-chan brought a mirror and Hasshi wore Shige's glasses x3 I really wanted to see Hasshi with them on ç___ç *sigh*
Then there was "Hey!Say!Posuto" timeee XD I don't understand anything..Plus Chinen, Yuto and Yamada are not my favorite ones.. so I didn't watch it xD *feel sorry for Daiki ç.ç* Demo, Shige is such a cute postman XD after that they sang "Your seed" *ç* I love that song! Demo with Hasshi in it is so much better xD During that performance Hasshi seemed to be a little annoyed.. ._. Well, I understand him T___T Hey!Say!Jump stole his Takaki 
Then Question? performance was "Parallel World"! But without Ishigaki kun T__T That's so sad >__< His part was sung by Fujiie XD Cuuute ne!
Nekketsu Junior league was super funnyyyy XD Nozawa and Sanada were acting like a "Iroppoi neko!" Ahahah XD I really like Non-chan performance xD Cho kawaii <3 Fujiie and Yone were dancing "Ho!Samaa" I'd let win Fujiie xD But Yone was the winner.. ^^;; Then Yodo acted like nakamaru and Camu like Tackey XD Last were Shon and Akun xD I don't really understand what they were doing.. But it was very funny XD After that, I passed at the ending directly because I don't like Tsubasa and Yamada Ryosuke XD But they performed "Do me crazy" and "Asia no yoru" The ending song was "Nami"  and at the end appeared also Hey!Say!Jump..
Now I'm going to sleep x___X I'm so tired XD Minna oyasumi!! Kisu =*
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04 August 2008 @ 07:37 pm
Ohayo minna! Let's begin with a little introduction about me ^^ I'm Giulia, I'm 15 years old and I live in Italy.. So it's very difficult for me to write a livejournal AAAAALL in english @__@ Kedo, I'm going to do my best ;) Ganbatte imasu ne! I'm sooo crazy over Japan and its people *___* Unfortunately, my pc is broken now.. And my lj is so empty xD But withot photoshop I can't do anything =____= ne, if you're going around here and saying "Wooo.. that's so horrible!" well.. I'm hoping to get very soon my pc and take care of this place ;)
Nooow.. My next post will talk 'bout my big big passion *___*

I'm going to make a summary of the last episode ^^ So.. Mata neeee!
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